Burger King emails blank receipts, customers confused

According to a report on The Verge website, Burger King recently emailed blank order receipts to a thousand of its customers. Reportedly, the mail started appearing in the customers’ mailbox around 12.15 am (Eastern Time) on 9th August, 2022. The emails were sent from the fast food chain’s main promotional marketing email address and had nothing written on it.

Netizens expressed their shock and confusion on social media and said they were reassured that they weren’t the only ones who got these emails.

Screenshots shared on Twitter showed the emails said, “Thanks for ordering from Burger King!”, the location, the list of items in the order, the total amount, and the payment information was all left vacant.

One customer wrote, “Did anyone else get a random empty #burgerking receipt this morning?”
Another user wrote, “I got 3 all to different emails I didn’t even know they had.”

Reports further stated that several customers who received the emails didn’t even have a Burger King account; Burger King is yet to answer the matter.

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